1KG Gold 50% – 75% Pure

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1KG Gold 50% – 75% Pure NFT

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1KG Gold 50% – 75% Pure

*Important Information*

This purchase is for 1kg or more of 50% – 75% pure Gold (DORE) that will produce you a NFT contract for your purchase. After you purchase your NFT will be minted and sent to your designated wallet.

You will need the Gold (GOLD) cryptocurrency to make this purchase or you can use Bullion AUB as well. Gold can be obtained from HERE

The Bullion Exchange trades against the cryptocurrency Meta Base (META)

You are buying real Gold here and it will be delivered directly to you so make sure you are fully prepared. If you do not have a destination for your Gold to be delivered to within side the 28 days before delivery your order will be lost and and any expense the Bullion Exchange acquires because of this will be charged to you.

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